At the core of today's most pressing challenges lies a critical issue: trust. The pervasive mistrust toward key institutions—be it government bodies, politicians, corporations, banks, or the media—underscores a collective yearning for reliability and integrity. Our mission is to bridge this gap, to rebuild faith in these entities by giving individuals unparalleled transparency and control. We do this by buildings products that are not only exceptionally convenient but blend effortlessly into ones life. Autopilot is aimed to address the profound longing for trust and autonomy, a desire more pronounced in our times than ever before.

Our generation, the most financially literate to date, views few services with as much skepticism as the traditional investment industry. This skepticism is primarily due to four critical concerns:

The discomfort with entrusting complete control of our financial assets to another

The frustration over exorbitant asset under management (AUM) fees—which seem unjustifiable given the similarity of investment strategies employed by many wealth managers

The distaste for aggressive and unappealing sales tactics that remind us of the worst stereotypes of pushy salespeople.

A sense of exclusion from elite investment opportunities that are readily available to the affluent, leaving the average person feeling shortchanged by receiving what appears to be a substandard service, wondering "Can I do better myself?"

It's clear that this industry is in dire need of change to better align with the values and expectations of the younger generations.

We built Autopilot with all this in mind. Autopilot is an app that reimagines wealth management focused on mass adoption and trust. It is designed to conveniently balance handing over complete control over ones investments yet allowing the user to maintain the right amount agency over them. It seamlessly integrates with a user's brokerage account, providing a smooth experience, while instantly receiving access to a significant amount of the user's wealth with minimal effort.

We are convinced that the path to addressing the concerns above lies in adopting flat fees, embracing decentralization, and ensuring full transparency. That's why Autopilot's long-term vision has always been centered on establishing a marketplace. In this marketplace, anyone can publish a portfolio and monetize it through a straightforward, fixed-fee subscription model. Meanwhile, the end customer maintains direct ownership of the stocks within their own brokerage account.

We aspire for Autopilot to become the plumbing to the wealth management industry, seamlessly integrated with every major brokerage world wide. Our ambitious goal is to have every investment decision flow through Autopilot, making it a cornerstone of the investment process embedding our core values of transparency, autonomy, and control into this industry.


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